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🌟 Wu Yi Fan in Harper’s Bazaar Oct 2014

cr : 常小辉

Sehun’s face reminds me of a pizza slice. 

Revisited eManga Title: Silly Gossip by Suzume Nogaki

Available on eManga: https://www.emanga.com/detail?itemid=700

Have you heard the latest about the idiot performer and his lecherous manager?Manager Reiji has a new client: the dimwit actor Narumi! He has his client’s best interest at heart(?), whether he’s banishing gossip or gleefully trading cute baked goods for kisses and more! But one day, Reiji sees a woman leaving Narumi’s apartment…!A dictator and a dummy: the SILLY GOSSIP about this absurd couple is surprisingly delicious!

140927 新浪时尚  Sina Fashion Weibo/ArticleGirls, do you want to know the scent of a male god?
Wu YifanActor, singer, and former exo member. In addition to his model-like figure and handsome looks, he has a very strong charisma, a magnetic voice and a great enthusiasm for charity. As a former leader of EXO-M, he needs to take on more responsibility and pressure than the members. In life, he is very independent and has excellent language skills.Favorite Perfume: BVLGARI Aqva Pour Homme Marine